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Executive authority


Price for individual

Price for legal entity

Documents issued by the Civil Status Registration Offices (Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Death Certificate), extracts, notarial documents, etc.

Ministry of Justice

3-5 working days

UAH 700

UAH 650

1-2 working days

on request

on request

Educational documents issued by educational institutions, government agencies, etc.

Ministry of Education

2 hours

UAH 1900

2 working days

UAH 1200

10 working days

UAH 850

20 working days

(for documents of old form)

UAH 1100

30 working days

UAH 550

Medical certificates, certificates issued by the institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, certificates of no criminal record, etc.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

10 working days

UAH 700

UAH 1500

5 working days

UAH 950

UAH 1800


Apostille in Ukraine is affixed only on documents issued by the authorities of Ukraine.

It is also important to know that Apostille should be affixed on the original document, on a copy or on a translated document. This information can be provided only by the organization of the foreign country that requires the document. The options can be different: someone needs only the document with Apostille, someone – with notarized copy and translation, someone – both with Apostille and notarized copy and translation. Why is this important? The original document and the copy are certified by different authorities.

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