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Prices for Translation of Audio and Video Files

There are several methods of audio and video files translation:

First is used in the case when the translation is done directly from video or audio and you receive the translation in text format. This translation is calculated by minutes, check its cost with the manager separately for each video and audio (the cost depends on the duration, language quality and content).

Second method is the text decoding of video or audio and subsequent translation. Number of finished standard pages is calculated in the finished translation*.

* Unit of measurement – 1 standard page = 1800 characters with spaces in Word format.

Translation of Audio and Video Files


1 standard page (1800 characters with spaces in the finished translation) **


UAH 200


UAH 250


UAH 270


UAH 250


UAH 250


UAH 350

Russian, Ukrainian

UAH 100

Other languages

Contact for details

** The exact and final cost of the second method of translation of audio and video files is calculated after decoding and translation of the audio and video files.

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