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Document translation


What is document translation? Documents translation is the translation of passports, powers of attorney, certificates, diplomas, certificates, etc. This type of translation is the most popular, and every day our agency receives requests to translate certain personal documents. The reasons are various: traveling abroad for work or study, obtaining a visa, immigration to another country. Usually, they need not just one document, but a package of documents. We are also asked to translate personal documents by foreigners who obtain a residence permit in Ukraine, come to study, work, etc. Therefore, translation of documents is in great demand.

MacroGlobal Translation Agency provides translation services into various languages. We also provide notarized translation services.

Notarized translation is the translation of a document with subsequent notarization. Notarization gives the document legal force (the notary confirms with his/her signature and seal the authenticity of the translator’s signature who translated the document); documents certified in this way are ready for submission to government agencies (e.g., embassies, registry offices, passport offices, pension funds, etc.).

In addition to notarized translation, MacroGlobal Translation Agency provides services for certifying translations with the agency’s seal and the translator’s signature. This type of certification confirms that the document was translated by a certified translator.

We are often asked to translate a document with an apostille. We provide apostille affixing services. Contact our managers, who will calculate the cost of the order and the timeframe for its execution (as well as the timeframe for affixing the apostille), and we guarantee that you will receive a high-quality translation within the timeframe you need! We also offer an urgent translation service, please contact us for more information, we are always happy to help!

Urgent translation of documents for a tender can be performed from 30 minutes.

Why we?

Translators of MacroGlobal Translation Agency have extensive experience in translating documents and preparing them for certification, and we guarantee high quality translation of documents and fulfillment of the order within the time frame you need.


In order to estimate the cost of translation and the time frame, we need to see the document in electronic form (scan, photo, file in any format) or directly in the office. You can leave a request on our website, write to our e-mail macroglobal@ukr.net or contact our office.

You can consult with a manager in advance by phone +38 (097) 933 31 46, +38 (095) 160 10 97, +38 (044) 227 01 24.

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