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English: features and applications

Employees of MacroGlobal Translation Agency note that the scope of the English language is determined by the situational approach. It is suitable for both oral and written communication in different situations. However, it is worth noting that English is an international language that is used in many countries and for a wide variety of purposes.

With this in mind, English can be divided into 4 subtypes:

  • Primitive – these are common phrases, short words, and phrases of speech that help you to communicate with native speakers relatively easily.
  • General – oral and written communication skills help you to feel comfortable in an English-speaking society and to carry on a dialog when necessary.
  • Specialized – language skills allow you to easily conduct dialogues and correspondence with colleagues, business partners, etc. We should also mention academic English, which should be familiar to every student.
  • Literary English is not only the written language of fiction, but also the command of oral language using various stable language constructions and the ability to recognize hidden meaning in a sentence.

If you need to prepare a package of documents for admission to a foreign university, don’t hesitate to contact us, as our company provides professional translation services for various educational documents, among which the service of translating a certificate of education into English is particularly popular.

Since English is an international language, translation of documents into English is often required. Translated documents may be required for continuing or obtaining education in an English-speaking country, as well as for employment. It is worth noting that establishing business relations or partnerships also requires a high-quality translation of a formal letter, contract, and similar documents.

English is the language of most scientific articles, manuals, and books. Even on the English-language Wikipedia, you can find much more interesting information. And high-quality translations of literary works from English are still rare in the public domain.

Professional translation from/into English

Competent translation of documents into English and notarization is what our translation agency in Kyiv offers. You can entrust us with the translation of any texts and documents from/into English with the confidence that the work will be done:

Professional translation of documents into English in Kyiv is a professional service available to clients of our translation agency MacroGlobal. A large team of true professionals works on each text, research paper or document. Translators, editors, and proofreaders take into account several points related to the translation of documents into English:

  • semantic correspondence of the source text to the translation, since the meaning of a word is often influenced by the context. For example, the translation of a school certificate into English should clearly and accurately present information about the future pupil’s or student’s academic performance without ambiguity or inaccuracy;
  • syntactic, grammatical, spelling and lexical norms are necessarily taken into account – this makes the text understandable and correct in terms of language rules;
  • national mentality, culture, laws, etc. are also important to take into account when translating different types of texts;

We are well aware that when translating from any language (English is no exception), it is important to preserve the meaning of the text. This is especially true for formal texts (business correspondence, legislation, documents). Our services will also be useful for those who want to find a job in another country, as the employer may require a notarized translation of the diploma into English.

We can easily and quickly translate a diploma into English in Kyiv, as well as notarize the translation. We work with many other documents and provide reliable guarantees. More information about our services can be found on our website.

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