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German: features and applications

MacroGlobal Translation Agency knows for sure that the German language is characterized by a number of peculiarities and has a wide range of applications.

The use of the language is diverse – from family communication to negotiations with business partners. Spoken German is often full of slang, abbreviations, and expressive phrases, which makes the language more colorful and simple. This is not the case with written German, as there are more areas of application and more specific rules.

Written German is the language of:

  • These can be documents from countries where German is an official language (e.g. birth certificates, marriage certificates, certificates, health insurance, wills, etc.). This also includes educational documents (diplomas, certificates, etc.). Business relations are also impossible to imagine without contracts, invoices, acts, etc;
  • Formal documents, which are written in a looser language and are full of specific (formal) phrases. Such documents include official correspondence (for example, letters to business partners, letters of recommendation);
  • Literature includes scientific works (articles, reports), journalism, and fiction. As a rule, the text is full of various verbal turns of phrase, terms, or figurative expressions of speech;
  • written communication – private correspondence, and even posts on social networks. In some cases, it may contain signs of oral (slang, for example), formal (offering goods) and literary language (emotionally colored phrases).

When translating documents into German, you should keep in mind that this language has a lot of words that consist of several bases. This affects the meaning of the text and the structure of sentences, but necessarily preserves the meaning of the source text.

If a regular dictionary is enough for everyday use, then it is impossible to translate a diploma into German on your own. Only specialized agencies such as ours can guarantee that a document will be translated while retaining its meaning and legal force. We not only provide translation services into German in Kyiv, but also notarization and certification of translations with the translation agency’s seal.

Professional translation from/into German

When translating a text, specialists take into account many aspects. In addition to vocabulary, spelling, and semantic content, the translation must convey the main meaning of the source text. This is especially important for official documents. The translator should avoid ambiguity or generalization, and the main task of the editor is to adapt the translation to a specific style of presentation.

Translation of documents into German Kyiv is a popular service among those wishing to get an education in Germany or start a career there. We are also often contacted by business representatives who plan to expand their business relations. We make the process of collecting a package of documents less time-consuming for our clients.

Our translation agency in Kyiv, MacroGlobal, guarantees each client

  • high-quality order fulfillment. For example, translators, editors and proofreaders with proper education and experience work on the translation of a birth certificate into German;
  • adherence to the deadlines stipulated in advance, which will ensure timely receipt of the completed order;
  • compliance with the rules of confidentiality and protection of personal information of clients – you can trust us 100%.

You can order a translation from Russian into German at a favorable price. We also work with other languages and translate documents of various types, forms, and contents. You can find a list of languages and prices on our website.

If you need an adapted translation of a diploma into German or perhaps you are preparing a scientific article for publication in a foreign publication, please contact us. You can discuss the details of future cooperation with our manager today.

Ordering the service is convenient and easy. You can call the specified phone number or leave a request on the website. Contact information can be found on the page. To check our professionalism, read the reviews of our regular customers.

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