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Persian is a language with a long history, belonging to the Iranian group of the Indo-European language family. The Persian language preserves the millennial literary tradition of the Islamic world. It has three branches: Western Persian (Farsi), Dari (spoken in Afghanistan and Pakistan), and Tajik (spoken in Tajikistan and adjacent areas of Uzbekistan).

Farsi is spoken in Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, and Kuwait. The total number of speakers who use Persian as their first language is over 60 million. Between the 10th and 12th centuries, Farsi was the language of international communication, culture and science in the Islamic world and influenced languages from Turkey, the Caucasus and Crimea to Central Asia and India.

Farsi is written in Iran (as well as Dari in Afghanistan) using the Arabic alphabet, supplemented by four letters to represent sounds not found in Arabic: pe (پ), che (چ), zhe (ژ), and gaf (گ), and thus contains 32 characters.

If you need a written translation from/into Persian/Farsi, please contact MacroGlobal Translation Agency, and our employees will perform the translation in a quality manner and within the time frame you need.

Additionally, MacroGlobal Translation Agency provides services of certification of the translation with the translation agency’s seal and translator’s signature, as well as notarization of the translation from/into Persian/Farsi.

The translation of documents from Persian/Farsi and vice versa is carried out by professional translators, after which it is proofread by qualified editors, and only then you get a high-quality and verified translation.

Urgent translation of documents from/into Persian/Farsi can be done within 30 minutes.


In order to estimate the cost of translation and the timeframe, we need to see the document in electronic form (scan, photo, file in any format) or directly in the office. You can leave a request on our website, write to us at macroglobal@ukr.net or contact our office.

You can learn more about the pricing policy of translation and certification in the sections “Prices for written translation” and “Prices for translation certification”.

You can consult with our manager in advance by calling +38 (097) 933 31 46, +38 (095) 160 10 97, +38 (044) 227 01 24.

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