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Romania is a state in Southeastern Europe. The name of the country comes from the Latin romanus – “Roman”. The capital is Bucharest, home to the world’s largest parliament building, 270 meters long and 86 meters high. Romania is a member of NATO and the EU, and the country has many attractions: palaces, medieval castles, ski resorts, and Dracula’s castle in Brasov. Romania is the ninth largest country in Europe.

Romanian is the official language in Romania. Romanian is also the official language of the Republic of Moldova. It is an Indo-European language that belongs to the Balkan-Romance subgroup of the Romance languages. There are 4 main dialects of Romanian: Aromanian, Megleno-Romanian, Daco-Romanian, and Istro-Romanian. The first Romanian grammar was published in Vienna in 1780. Romanian is one of the five languages used for worship in the monasteries on Mount Athos, and about 14% of the Romanian language’s words are of Slavic origin.

If you need a written translation from/into Romanian, please contact MacroGlobal Translation Agency, and our employees will perform the translation in a quality manner and within the time frame you need.

Additionally, MacroGlobal Translation Agency provides services of certification of the translation with the translation agency’s seal and translator’s signature, as well as notarization of the translation from/into Romanian.

Documents are translated from and into Romanian by professional translators, after which they are proofread by qualified editors, and only then you receive a high-quality and verified translation.

Urgent translation of documents from/into Romanian can be done within 30 minutes.


In order to estimate the cost of translation and the timeframe, we need to see the document in electronic form (scan, photo, file in any format) or directly in the office. You can leave a request on our website, write to us at macroglobal@ukr.net or contact our office.

You can learn more about the pricing policy of translation and certification in the sections “Prices for written translation” and “Prices for translation certification”.

You can consult with our manager in advance by calling +38 (097) 933 31 46, +38 (095) 160 10 97, +38 (044) 227 01 24.

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