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Russian language: features and applications

Over the years, our translation agency in Kyiv, MacroGlobal, can list the following options for using the Russian language in Ukraine:

  • communication among the ethnic group of Russians, Belarusians and other nationalities for whom Russian is the official language or convenient for use. The language used in everyday life for communication is usually different from the literary and business language, as it is littered with abbreviations, slang, etc;
  • documentation, including documents issued by the USSR, official and legal documents of companies. It is also worth highlighting documents issued in countries where Russian is recognized as an official language. These papers are used in various situations, such as re-registration of property, employment, conclusion of various contracts, agreements, and many other situations. The information and text are characterized by a formal style of presentation using specific verbal phrases;
  • written works include scientific, historical or fiction literature, journalism, etc. Most often, translations of such texts serve as introductory or educational information. Such texts may contain terminology, names of historical figures, and dates;
  • informing users on various sources, such as online publications, forums, columnists, communities, and groups. Such sources publish a variety of material that can be official or unofficial. The style of presentation also varies, and there may be quotes from other sources (books, studies, scientific publications, etc.).

A schoolchild, student, or person who is simply interested can make a literal translation of an article from a forum, but it is impossible to perform a professional translation of a document from Russian into Ukrainian and preserve its legal force without the necessary knowledge and experience. In the case of unprofessional (free) translation, the power of the artistic word and literary quality are lost, and the text simply becomes unreadable in the target language.

That is why the services of a professional translation agency are so useful. Performing translations (not only from and into Russian) is our main occupation and favorite work. It is from us that you can order a translation from Russian into German or English, as well as into more than 50 other languages.

Professional translation from/into Russian

One of the areas of work of our translation agency MacroGlobal is technical translation from Russian into Ukrainian, German, English and other languages that are actively used in the world.

Most often, we are asked to translate documents from Russian into Ukrainian. When dealing with such orders, it is very important to fulfill the main condition – the translation must fully correspond to the content, context, and terminology of the source document. Most often, this service is required by those who are going to

  • get an education in Ukrainian universities
  • apply for a job;
  • apply for citizenship or residence permit;
  • conclude a transaction.

You can also order a translation from Russian into German, Czech, English and any other language. We work equally well with fiction, technical texts, educational materials, and official documents, taking into account the style of speech and narration. It is worth noting that we offer a service of notarization of translated documents and certification with the translation agency seal. By ordering this service, you can be sure that the translation will have legal force and you will be able to use it for submission at the place of request.

Our agency is a close-knit team of professionals, and we translate texts from Russian into Ukrainian and more than 50 other languages. We can handle translations of various topics, types, volumes, and directions.

You can order a text translation from Russian into English from us. We are ready to guarantee each client:

  • High-quality execution of the order, which will be handled by a large team of translators, editors, and proofreaders;
  • delivery of the finished work on time – you will receive the ordered translation exactly on time, as agreed in advance
  • complete confidentiality of the customer and protection of their personal information – this is undoubtedly important when you need to translate an official document, scientific work or private correspondence;
  • price benefit – the pricing policy can be found in the price list;
  • information support during and after cooperation – our manager is ready to answer any questions you may have.

Any person may need the services of a translator; we work with both individuals and legal entities. We have the necessary knowledge and skills to fulfill your request in a quality and timely manner.

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